Continuing with its extraordinary zeal and sincerity the UT administration is treading ahead by taking into account each and every issue of general masses by giving due focus and doing its best to resolve the same in a fail-safe manner thus adding convenience into the lives of people and ensuring to make J&K a better place to live. In the stride to achieve this mission, the whole lot of helmsmen manning the affairs of J&K is always on toes interacting with the aggrieved and finding handy resolutions for redressal of their grievances that too on the spot. In this context, Advisor K. K. Sharma has averred that the grievances projected by people are being redressed in a time bound manner by obtaining periodic feedback from the concerned departments and executing agencies so that deliverance increases on the ground.

It is quite encouraging that those people who had to struggle to even raise the basic issue of water, power, health, lanes, drains, streetlights, etc during tenure of successive regimes are now freely discussing their wide-ranging issues with the top brass of the administration. Even this is not all as the things discussed or highlighted here are compiled and presented at the top echelons of power including PMO and Home Minister’s office and those having weight and substance are addressed and complied with lightening speed.

It really is good news that a foolproof mechanism has been put in place so that the problems being faced by the people in different sectors are resolved expeditiously. In the last several meetings with Advisors to LG G.C Murmu  deputations and individuals have raised a spectrum of grievances and sought resolutions for their issues which have been readily considered by the former and steps were initiated on the spot to ameliorate the living conditions of people.   Besides, a system of addressing public issues at grass roots level has been introduced here by placing drop boxes at Panchayat offices. Surely, there is a win-win situation for all as the central dispensation headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi is looking at things very minutely and doing its bit in a very dedicated manner to eliminate public distress completely and create a model of governance which is foolproof and truly public friendly. The way the things are changing in this newly created Union Territory soon people from across the country will feel envy and try to come to this part to lead a life full of contentment and gratification.