Implementing FASTag reply to JK BJP from Gadkari over Sarore toll plaza: Bhalla

Jammu: Former Minister and senior Congress leader Raman Bhalla on Sunday alleged that BJP Govt is playing with the sentiments of the people who voted them to power. People are not happy with their policies and the government has proved to be a failure. Despite people hitting streets against governance deficit, lack of development and failure of the government to deliver on the promises made to the people of the Jammu and Kashmir, Govt has not moved even an inch proving callousness of this anti-people Govt. He said that peace and development have become biggest causality since this govt has taken over. Former Minister while interacting with people of Gangyal in Gandhi Nagar constituency, Bhalla said that government is crippled due to policy paralysis as a result the situation has worsened on the ground and people are maximum sufferers in J&K. Bhalla said that agenda of BJP govt is nothing but an eye wash for the people and said that BJP has taken Jammu for granted and has failed to recognize the developmental priorities and represent the aspirations of the people. He said that BJP has failed to represent the sentiments and deliver the promises it made to the electorate and has been merely indulging in rhetoric to emotionally charge the people for their political interests. While the present insensitive dispensation has plunged J&K into unprecedented crisis, the development has come to grinding halt and governance is at the lowest ebb”, Bhalla said. The former minister said due to wrong policies of govt the normal life in entire J&K is in jeopardy, especially as the government has lost will to govern. The lack of political direction has terribly impacted the administration that is seen wanting in every sector. In this context, he referred to the administrative breakdown, developmental paralysis and poor condition of utility services in most parts of Jammu. This has made the life of people, particularly in the Jammu region miserable. Similar is the scenario with respect to rations, provision of agriculture inputs to farmers and lack of basic minimum necessities to the people, Bhalla said, adding that the people are disillusioned and disenchanted with the present government. He said that there is a total collapse of administration and the present government is not working in the interests of the poor and marginalized sections of the society.He slammed BJP for befooling people of Jammu over installation of Toll Plazas and maintained that people are fed up with BJP’s rhetoric and that Jammuites will teach them a befitting lesson in future elections.He termed Raina’s letter to Gadkari as mere eye-wash and time-killing process, as they should have protested the same on roads, if they claim to be real champions of Jammu cause.FASTag has been made mandatory to pay the toll charges at the NH Toll Plazas across the country including those in J&K.User of the vehicle not fitted with FASTag entering into FASTag lane of the fee plazas shall pay an amount equivalent to two times of the fee applicable to that category of the vehicle.Citing the public welfare initiatives of Congress party which is having a track record of satiating aspirations of all the sections of society, he asked the people of the State to overwhelmingly support his party in future elections to once again bring back ‘Ache Din’ in real terms.The J&K will always stick to its legacy of inclusiveness, secularism and tolerance. He said that those giving sermons on secularism should learn its basics from the glorious, selfless history of Congress.