DIAL 1091


The Jammu and Kashmir Police’s initiative of launching exclusive police helpline vehicle for women in Jammu is a much needed step considering the current dismal condition of women safety in the country. As informed by the concerned officers of J&K UT police the facility shall remain available from 10 PM to 5 AM at District Police Lines. The helpline vehicle will help a woman or girl to reach her destination provided she is alone. Besides, on arrival at Railway Station or Bus Stand, if a woman feels insecure to ply in public transport, she can also avail this facility. Surely, it is very innovative concept conceived and materialized by the ‘Men in Khaki’ for garnering appreciation of residents of Temple City.   What is more soothing as far as this service is concerned is the condition that two women police officials will accompany the woman/girl in need. Dialing 100 or 1091 is the only thing which women in need have to do and the rest shall be the responsibility of the JKP, the force known for its impeccable service record.  Started on December 8, 2019, the locus of this service for the time being is municipal limits of the Jammu city but soon it will be extended to rural areas as well. With women safety becoming matter of concern across the nation especially looking into the recent horrendous instances of crime against women in Hyderabad and Unnao, the step will go a long way in providing security to women-folk in J&K. The way the JKP has thought for this out of the box resolution for ensuring security of women it needs special applause and encouragement. Though, the aforesaid service is at the stage of infancy and its utility and success can only be gauged after some time but the idea behind the facility beyond any iota of doubt is ‘sacred’ and has raised hopes of many. The JKP which is doing a herculean job in combating over three-decade old tumultuous unrest in the erstwhile State of J&K has once again proved that the force is in no way behind its counterparts in any part of the world. It is for sure that area of operation under this highly proficient police force is safe from any unforeseen danger and people under its jurisdiction should rest assure that nefarious designs of anti-nationals and anti-social elements shall never be allowed to harm anybody in J&K. The JKP for all reasons can be considered as a security force which works with full throttle in containing crime and criminals, and ensuring safety of all.