Despite transformation of stature and change of guard in erstwhile J&K State the state of affairs as far as corruption is concerned are not coming to terms and this one of the major ill prevalent since ages continues to eat up the vitals of society by spreading its tentacles as the case was before with no signs of restrain or even snarl. Latest incident in the alarming series raising brows is of lodging FIR on Thursday against five employees of the Rural Development Department (RDD) for misappropriation of funds. It was the outcome of
an inquiry held against  some RDD officials in Balakote block of Mendhar Sub Division wherein fraud of Rs 2.08 crore in Kargra Panchayat and some other areas within the block came to fore. The erstwhile State was so deeply soaked in the corruption that the new administration is finding it hard to contain the menace inspite of clear cut instructions direct from the Home Minister and the Prime Minister. Without any doubt, the anti-corruption agencies in the UT are
the most busy agencies right now as their job is most challenging and dynamic as far as taming the corrupt in this region of country is concerned since until now the ‘crown’ of among the most corrupt states of India was held by none other than the J&K State. The process of cutting the tentacles of corruption in the region though has been started but since the delinquent are quite high in numbers involving members belonging to class IV employee upto top brass and their mesh is huge and strong thus making it very difficult for the concerned agencies to do much in this direction. The rampant corruption not only undermines the institutions run by administration and their authority but also create widespread dissatisfaction and agony among the masses. As the corruption was left unaddressed for decades together it has turned alarming with intrinsic and extrinsic  factors adding colours to its vibrancy and forms making it almost impossible for those who are making efforts to root it out completely.  With central dispensation taking charge of all the major issues of newly created UT, the hope is still there that overcoming this menace is not impossible but time will only tell how and what turns and twists are in the offing in the Jammu and Kashmir.