Traffic Police Jammu issue notices to violators at residential address

Traffic Police Jammu issued notices to the violators of traffic rules at  their residential address to ensure effective traffic management on the roads of Jammu City.

Traffic Police put all possible efforts to  take action against visible traffic violations  especially against the wrongly  parked vehicles  by way of  towing, use of wheel clumps,   issuance of Court Compound Challan  as well as pasting of wrong parking sticker challan on the  screen  of the Vehicle.

 It was observed that most of the violators became defaulters so traffic police initiated the process to serve notice at the residential address of the violator before submitting the challan into the Court.

It was further informed that  if the violator will not get the sticker disposed- off within the stipulated time, such vehicle will be towed/seized from the respective residences with the help of SHO’s of concerned Police Stations  besides will  approach to RTO concerned for cancellation of  the R/C,D/L of the concerned violator.