There are six kinds of bodies within our physical body: Satguru Madhu Param Hans


Showering nectar at the devotees through his sermons in Sant Ashram, Ranjri, Samba, His holiness, Sh. Madhu Param Hans Ji Maharaj, the head of Sahib Bandgi said that Whenever we talk of the interior world, some unsolved riddles make their appearance before us.

The secret the saints talked about is very strange one. Is spiritual journey possible? Do all of us have the power to move into the Brahmand? If we think a little, we shall find that the sayings are citing instances from the inner world. It is strange to find that inspite of living in the scientific world we are not giving scientific evidences to prove the truth of these sayings. But it is a fact that the journey of the inner worlds is not a mere dream. It must be noted that there are four states of consciousness. These are-Sushupati (deep sleep), Swapan (dream), Jagrit (waking) & Turiya. In the Sushupati state our consciousness in the navel region. It is also called as the state of deep slumber. We can remember nothing about it. The second state is called as Jagrit. In this state we gather knowledge of the world through our senses. Thirdly, when we go into sleep, we reach the dream land. In the state of dream as well we move out of our physical body, perform great tasks & then return back. We do so many a times in our lives but we forget. But those who go into this world in the awakened state, know of it.

Sometimes, we find that our dream starts from the scene we left a day before & sometimes we see all the same Loka in our dream again & again. This is not an ordinary occurrence. Sometimes we see the story of our precious births. This dream world is a very rare one, indeed. Many tried to understand it but failed. However, this dream state is also a true one. While awake, we perform various acts of cheating but in our dream we remain in a normal state.

The fourth one is the ‘Turiya’ state. There are states beyond these four ones. The fifth one is ‘Turiyateet’, the sixth one is ‘Hans’ while the last one is ‘Param Hans’.

Man has constantly been in search of the planet where we can stay after the dissolution of the earth. An elder sister of the earth with availability of water has also been discovered. But the science will never be able to take us to the spiritual abodes our great spiritually enlightened saints discovered. Man possesses neither the system to go there nor the instruments to view these. I shall write a book on my spiritual journey. That will be an awe inspiring & rare one. Can we make journeys to this Brahmand? There are six kinds of bodies within our physical body. We are ignorant about these. Sometimes we get lost sometimes even while we are awake. We forget where we are. This is called as Karan Sharir (causal body). Through this body we can visit Brahmands even. We can also foretell the coming events. Now the psychologists have accepted the existence of the 6th organ that enables us to know the coming events. Every one of us is in possession of this 6th organ. Einstein had no laboratory. He only thought & thought. Then comes the Mahakaran body (higher than the causal body) which is a very rare one. The scientists have not been able to reach these bodies. These six bodies have Mool Surti (causal awareness) in them. None but yogis attain this Mahakaran body. It moves faster than the eyesight. This body is very mysterious, indeed. Through it we can see all the happenings of the 3 lokas. It is after acquiring it that Sanjay had narrated the happenings of the war to Dharitrashter. Then there is the Geyan Dehi (knowledge related body). After attaining it, one feels a great power in oneself. One can change summer into winter at one’s sweet will. Then the 6th body is called as Vigyan (Science related). It is also very rare one & only Mahagoyeshwars are able to attain it. But the saints go even beyond it.