NPP to fight for safeguarding jobs, lands of locals: Harsh

Pointing towards the statement made by Union MoS Home Mr. Kishan Reddy in the Lok Sabha yesterday that there was no proposal for enacting Domicile Law for protecting lands and jobs of J&K UT, Mr. Harsh Dev Singh Chairman-JKNPP & former Minister said that it has once again exposed the lies and deceptive politics of local BJP.

            Mr. Singh said that while State unit of BJP had been making tall claims of central govt. proposing a Domicile Law to allay apprehensions of J&K people losing their lands and jobs to outsides post Article 370 abrogation, but the reply made by the Union Minister yesterday during question hour in Parliament has spilled the beans thereby falsifying its claims. The reply had further stated that the Parliament had only extended the central laws to the UT of J&K through the Reorganization Act and the amendments with regard to land laws, jobs etc. did not figure anywhere in the itinerary of the Union Govt. He said that the Union Minister’s clarification was an eye-opener for the gullible masses of J&K who were invariably made to believe the false rhetoric of State BJP leaders. Calling upon the people of J&K particularly the youth to join hands to safeguard their unique culture, history, jobs and lands, Mr. Singh said that NPP would launch a vigorous campaign for protecting such distinctive rights of its people.

            He said that the people surely stood for complete integration of the State with Indian Union but at the same time wanted social security in terms of protection of the interests of educated youth besides safety of their lands form being usurped by unscrupulous outsiders which, he regretted, had failed to fund a favour with the govt. He said that there were widespread apprehensions of un-influential and poor people being divested of their lands by govt. as well as by powerful land mafia from outside the State with State & Central Govt. failing to address the concerns of the people. He said that farmers land could be expropriated by well connected mafia by force and authority and through distress sales which needs to be addressed by the govt. through appropriate legislation which however had been declined by Central Govt.

            The most sensitive issue is that of employment of educated youth of the State which has created alarm amongst unemployment educated class after the passage of the Reorganization Act, said the NPP Chairman. “The educated youth had been overtaken by a feeling of insecurity and uncertainty. The withdrawal of the cover of special status to the State without enacting necessary legislation to safeguard the interests of local youth had led to simmering discontent among unemployed educated youth. With the unemployment rate already having assumed alarming proportions in the State, the opening of doors for outside youth in J&K’s job market could prove counterproductive divesting the local youth of even otherwise negligible employment avenues”, observed Singh.

            Mr. Harsh Dev Singh said that NPP would vociferously agitate the concerns of the educated youth and fight for safeguarding their interests in the new set up. He said that Panthers Party had already submitted a memorandum to Prime Minister in New Delhi to personally intervene for enactment of suitable law so as to protect the lands of poor farmers besides safeguarding the rights of local youth in the State’s employment.