“We are invoking Gods to rescue Jammu from BJP’s excesses & atrocities”: Harsh

 In a move of its own kind, the Panthers Party led by Mr. Harsh Dev Singh, Chairman-JKNPP & former Minister today organized a ‘Havan’ at Exhibition ground Jammu seeking respite from soaring prices of essential commodities and staple vegetables besides restoration of mobile internet services banned by BJP govt. in Jammu region. The Party leaders chanted hymns and slogans of “Hey Prabu, BJP Ke Zulmon Sitam Se Nijat Dilao, Nizat Dalao,” “Hey Prabu, Mehangai Ke Danav Ka Khatma Karo, Khatma Karo”, Hey Internet Devta, Prakt Ho, Prakt Ho”, “Hey Prabu, Logon Ke Sath Dhoka Karne Walon Ka Safaya Karo, Safaya Karo” etc.

            Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Harsh Dev Singh said that having exhausted all remedies to secure justice for the people of deprived, incarcerated Dogra land, the only option left was to invoke the super natural powers. “We are invoking Gods to come to the succour of Jammu people who are even otherwise left at the mercy of Almighty by a power intoxicated BJP regime. There is none to listen to the shrill cries of the people who are facing suppression and oppression at the hands of an authoritarian regime. None is allowed to raise his voice against the dictatorial moves of the govt. lest he should land in Jail. The students, the youth, the traders, professionals and the common man is facing the brunt of an arbitrary and obnoxious gag order imposed on mobile internet services. But no one in govt. is prepared to listen despite dozens of appeals, protests and representations made even to the highest of authorities. We have therefore no option but to seek the indulgence of the Almighty through a Havan”, said Singh.

            Mr. Singh added that the monster of inflation has made the life of common man miserable. “The sky rocketing prices of staple vegetables, pulses and other essential commodities had posed the most menacing threat to the pockets of the common man. The poor and marginalized sections have been most prejudicially affected due to ever declining purchasing power of their meager stagnant earnings. The govt. has failed to control inflationary tendencies and was raking up controversial issues only to divert the attention of the people” said Singh adding that in such circumstances the divine intervention was the only way out.

            “The BJP’s vessel of sins is full to the brim. Its sinful deeds have reached extremity. We pray to the God through the ‘Havan’ to liberate the people from the clutches of the dictatorial and anarchical regime which has only added to the miseries of the people since its ascendance to power” maintained Mr. Singh.

            Prominent among those who spoke on the occasion included Rajesh Padgotra, Gagan Pratap Singh, Capt. Anil Gour, Surinder Chouhan, Shanker Singh Chib, Ram Paul Sharma, Shankaar Singh Sanju, Khajoor Singh, Brij Bhushan Singh, Nirmal Kishore, Hakim Din, Rohit Sharma, Mohinder Singh, Arun Khajuria, Rakesh Verma, Gurdeep Singh Raju besides others