G.D. Goenka organizes Debate Competition (British Council Activity)


G.D Goenka Public School, Jammu governed by Om Prakash Bansal Charitable Trust, conducted an Inter house Debate Competition. Students of Class IX of the literary forum took part in the competition. The topic was “Paranoid about the World coming to an End”. The judgment was done by Ms. Deepali Manchanda and Ms Priya Singh.

Class 9 students participated in this activity wherein a very razor sharp exchange of ideas took place between the children as half believed that all this hue and cry is useless wherein the other participants had an altogether different belief.

Justice was done on both the fronts as the examples quoted, statistics reflected were very apt and forced one to think likewise. The children had gathered the data after having done thorough research and they all presented their ideas flawlessly and in the most energetic way.

All the participants in their poised manner delivered their ideas about the topic concerned and waited for the rebuttal section to take place. After putting questions to each other and quenching their thirst for the replies, the children sat for the results to be declared.

First position was bagged by Teresa House, Second position was bagged by Radhakrishnan House, and Third position was bagged by Tagore House.

The Principal, Mr. Rajesh Rathore, mentioned that the objective behind these activities is to hone the speaking skills of students and to boost their confidence. All in all, it was an activity which taught the lesson that participation is more important than Winning.