Mobiles serving purpose

and number of times violence was spread by instigating and flaring up the passions of people by internet. Home Minister Amit Shah was factually very precise when he said in the parliament that it was the rein of BJP only when this service was launched in the Valley and it will be again restored after reviewing local situation. However, cell phones which are meant basically for communicating with people are already serving the purpose as there is complete restoration of the service across the erstwhile State and now no one can complain of communication blockade. Though, internet which has also become a basic necessity is not available on these mobile devices but this does not means that people do not have facility to use this service in J&K rather government looking into the hardship of the people has set-up plenty of booths at various places where people could use this facility to meet the urgency or accomplish things which hold significance. Although, the entertainment part of this service is currently difficult to access as things are still wary in J&K. There is no doubt that cell phones have become vital parts of our life as they help connecting people in myriad ways. Besides, these have saved many lives in emergencies and helped people to seek services of concerned agencies during emergent situations. But then, government cannot allow these silicon devices to devastate peace and tranquility of the region and this is the sole reason which any individual with sound mind and good rationale can say is behind this blockade of data transfer from cell phones. Rather than complaining, the people of the State should be thankful to the administration for handling the most unprecedented situation in a most skillful way without even firing a single bullet or wasting a life of even a bird. A massive awareness drive is the need of the hour to educate one and all for making people understand the necessity of this internet blockade especially looking into the sensitivity of situation in J&K.